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Kelli Stargel’s true colors: “I do not plan to be there” on April 24 when the School Board votes on the Stargel School Kill List

Take a look at this video I took of Sen. Kelli Stargel on Tuesday. Here’s the context for it. At our April 24th meeting, your School Board will address Stargel’s legislative mandate to choose a method for punishing and harming the people who attend and work at six Polk schools. These schools have been singled out because they are not…

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Join the 7069 suit, part 2: the public must take back the power to kill VAM and drive common purpose

I have taken to saying recently that the state government in Tallahassee is a disease on education — and that local districts present the symptoms. I know nothing that better represents this than our most recent VAM transfers. These transfers also represent how little power the voting public has to influence the educational policies of their own communities and state….

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