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How money matters in community education, part 1: 1200 teachers to hire

This series of posts is primarily aimed at Polk’s business community and the wider community that doesn’t follow the intricacies of education policy and politics. It’s aimed at answering some basic questions: What are the real world consequences of years of self-defeating state stinginess in education funding? What does money buy? Why are community districts talking about money? Buying the…

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The new needs friends: an optimistic note to supporters and skeptics

This is my favorite sequence from the Disney movie — Ratatouille. The all-powerful food critic, Anton Ego, confronting himself after a life-changing meal cooked by a rat. It’s one of my favorite scenes in any movie, ever. Here’s the key quote: “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over…

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Bring school voices to School Board meetings

I received this Facebook note earlier this week from an Algebra and liberal arts math teacher at a Polk high school. 5 of the 6 classes I teach Have 30 or more students in them. My liberal arts classes have 31 & 32 students in them. My largest algebra 2 class has 32 in it. I have been told not…

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