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The Greater Winter Haven learning community already exists. Let’s build around it.

I saw a beautiful thing Monday night. It reinforced my strong belief in aligning our school leadership with distinct communities through their high school feeder systems. I was walking the greater Winter Haven community’s homecoming parade with a crew of FFA students and J.V. football players.  I love teenagers — with their armor of cool struggling to cover their vulnerability….

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The state DoE has failed. We must transform it, too.

You should read this whole story from The Ledger this morning about the possible closure of five Polk schools. Key passages. Five middle schools face being closed in the 2017-18 school year unless the Polk County School District comes up with an improvement plan the Florida State Board of Education will approve… The department deemed Denison, Kathleen, Lake Alfred-Addair, Shelley…

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The fraudulence of school grades

Quick: can you tell me how your school grade is calculated? There was a time a few years ago when I would dutifully trudge through the equation each year so I could point out its absurdities. I’ve since decided it’s not worth my time. The most recent edition of school grades came out last week. And I received an email…

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