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Don’t let Bill Thompson’s incompetence fool you, part 1: your School Board, other than me and Kay Fields, may well approve the Guardian program if you don’t stop them

What follows is a typically lazy and inaccurate passage from Ledger editorial writer Bill Thompson. What separates it from normal, and makes it worthy for attention, is the civic importance of its misinformation. Here’s the quote, addressing our school safety work session last week with Sheriff Grady Judd and a whole bunch of silent police chiefs: “Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd foreclosed…

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End the Test-and-Die era, part 3: the prime operational reasons for not arming teachers

Law enforcement professionals, including Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, generally do not allow detention deputies to carry weapons as they do routine oversight of inmates in their jails. This is sound thinking and policy. A jail is a confined space full of people who live within it involuntarily. Some of them, although probably not as many as you would think,…

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