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We must end the Test-and-Die era, part 2: “Why do people think I’m a school shooter? What have I done to deserve this.”

The Saturday after the Douglas shooting, I listened to a recording of school resource sheriff’s deputy interrogating a Polk County 11th grader with autism. The interrogation occurred in the child’s own house the previous Thursday night after the shooting. It was accompanied by a search that found nothing. Prior to this year, this child has no hint of a school…

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“Bully”: How we bury childhood suffering beneath an impossible act of administration

This is the latest installment of my “Education and the English Language” series. Previous essays are: Introducing “Education and the English Language,” a periodic series. I explain how George Orwell’s famous “Politics and the English Language” essay anticipates beautifully modern political education’s vapid use and outright abuse of language. I focus on “Failure Factories” as an example. “Union”: the only…

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