My commitment to all of Polk County

Billy Townsend
Billy Townsend

If re-elected, I will continue to work every day to create a unique Polk classroom experience — one that treats each child as a person with his or her own human story, not a number in a spreadsheet cell. To make that a reality, I will:

* Lead with energy and transparency. That means confronting tough problems with honesty and moral courage.

* Communicate with the public in ways that simplify and explain the often intimidating complexity of modern education.

* Drive respect, co-operation, and common purpose among the many different groups and interests within Polk’s public schools.

* Engage and challenge all of Polk County — from the news media to the faith community to economic developers to retirees.

* Encourage practical, useful innovation that helps students, teachers and parents.

* Help our education professionals execute the mandates that the School Board — or the state of Florida — gives them.

* Challenge state mandates where they are harmful to the Polk experience.

* Fight for every child in every school. Because every child is worth the fight.