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Change needs to start with the School Board Attorney

The Polk County School District has a very serious problem with its attorney. Indeed, if I am elected, I will have little to no confidence in anything School Board Attorney Wes Bridges tells me. Two very recent events illustrate why. And they demonstrate the costly incompetence and bad faith with which Bridges too often serves the Polk School Board and…

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We need an org. chart — and a new School Board/administrative culture

The Polk County School District has a $1.3 billion budget. That’s billion. With a B. The people who direct that budget work primarily at the central Bartow Office. But good luck trying to figure out who has responsibility for what in spending your education money. Good luck figuring out which human beings actually supervise which human beings. The $1.3 billion…

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Bartow Horror Story: the catastrophic failure of Polk’s testing and student data system

Nothing illustrates the comprehensive rot at the Polk School district administrative and leadership level (talking about the Bartow office, not principals at schools) as powerfully as the failure of the Local Instructional Information System (LIIS) project in the last two years.

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